Wednesday, August 7, 2013

raising funds- selling L.A. RECORD issue containing NOCTUNRES flexi disc of "LOVE" single

I have about 15 copies of this- Its LA RECORD vol 6 no. 2 fall/winter of 2011. The issue also contains a long interview/feature on the Nocturnes...

I teamed up with Pirates Press and LA RECORD to get 500 special issues containing rare flexi disc out into circulation.

Im selling the ones I have.

These are rare and will never be made again. $15 includes shipping- United States only please


  1. Emma, did you sell all 15 or do you have any left?

  2. Hey, I just sent money through for one of these. i missed the part about US only. sorry! I'll send extra through for the postage if there's one left to sell. Thanks :)