Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pre-order "Some Heavy Ocean" on iTunes up now

Below is the link for the album pre-order on iTunes, which includes an instant download of the tracks "Run Forever" and "Arms I Know So Well". it’s $7.99


Emma Ruth Rundle “Some Heavy Ocean”  iTunes pre-order -

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"LOVERS" series of 3

"sweetness" detail
In an attempt to expolre the connections between two people who exchange roles and moments together as lovers, I have created 3 larger works.
Each depicts a moment in the relationship- kiss, sweetness and consolation. I expanded my use of watercolor onto raw canvas and oils. I used little pigment in areas and using solvent to let the colors bleed out like a wash into the untreated canvas. When at times this did not produce the desired result, I took the tube of oil straight to the canvas like you would a pencil or marker and layed down heavier strokes and outlines.
"Sweetness" depicts a man taking a woman's hand to his lips in comfort and appreciation.
"kiss" is just what it looks like, an expression of love.
"Consolation" only the so many extra arms of love can bear the burden of our suffering.
These works are my no means flawless as they were done with an emotive intention vs. a technical precision.
Of my work, these are some of the largest available.
From a series of 3, this piece is on stretched raw canvas using oils and pencil.
It measures 24"x48"


"Kiss" detail


"Consolation" detail

Monday, March 31, 2014

PRE ORDER "Some Heavy Ocean" and other merch

To pre-order this album on cd or vinyl, or to purchase other merch, please visit:

Special limited edition clear blue vinyl and limited edition shirts designed by the artist, JawCooper (, will ONLY be available via pre-order on HelloMerch


releases 20 May 2014

Pitchfork premiers new song, "Arms I Know So Well," off of my forthcoming album "Some Heavy Ocean"

to read the review and listen to the song, visit PITCHFORK