Friday, June 4, 2010


The purpose of this blog is to share some visual art.


  1. YES! Enjoy these. Those who do not own the Nocturnes "Year of Spring" CD literally do not know what they're missing. It is way cool stuff. I want to post a couple of things I did when I was 14-17 that somehow returned into my possession after lo these paltry decaydes. Hey, looks like we'll be visiting Saray end of August. Can't wait to blow town on a little road trip. Come visit and thanks again for the call on Father's Day. Really love you a lot. Some beautiful work here. Dig that lambie pie!

  2. dear emma, you don't know me but i actually met you when you were born--saw you sleeping in your crib. just wanted to let you know these drawings are beautiful and you are quite an artist.


  3. emma, im in love with your art (both music and paintings) you're really something special...